Gillian Anderson On 'The X-Files': I'm Not Done

Gillian Anderson isn't quite done with "The X-Files."

While promoting "Great Expectations" (April 1 and 8 on PBS), Anderson said she hasn't turned her back on Agent Dana Scully and the franchise that launched her career.

"If a good script comes along for another film, then I’m up for it and so is David [Duchovny]," Anderson told The Daily Beast. Along with her former co-star, Anderson said series creator Chris Carter is game for another "X-Files" movie.

"I don’t see any reason not to do it if the script is good and Fox wants to go ahead and put the money behind it," she said. However, Anderson said she's unaware if Fox is even interested in a third "X-Files" flick. But if they were, she said, "I’d be up for it."

"At one point, at a certain time, I would have definitely been up for spoofing 'The X-Files' -- back when people would have given a shit," she said. "You know, like an 'Airplane' version. That would have been really funny."

While that ship may have sailed, Anderson is taking part in something else that should please fans of "The X-Files": a reunion. Anderson, Duchovny and Carter will reunite on Fox's 25th anniversary special.

Scully aside, Anderson has also been getting a lot of attention for a role she didn't take: Lady Cora Crawley on "Downton Abbey." Anderson told TV Guide she was offered the role, but turned it down. "They're still mad at me,” Anderson told The Daily Beast about her decision. "Every time I see ['Downton Abbey' creator] Julian Fellowes, he says, 'Why?' I'm very finicky," she said.

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