Your Favorite 'Gilmore Girls' Boyfriend Is Officially Returning For The Revival [UPDATE]

Together forever.
Together forever.

UPDATE: And the last piece of the love triangle of the century is complete. E! has confirmed that Jared Padalecki will reprise his role as Rory's first love, Dean Forester, in Netflix's four-part "Gilmore Girls" revival. 

Padalecki stars in the CW series "Supernatural," so we were worried his brotherly brooding and demon-vanquishing commitments might stand in the way of his much-anticipated return.

His last appearance on the WB dramedy was at the tail end of Season 5, when he broke things off with Rory due to their dramatically different lifestyles. This was after, of course, the two slept together, basically tanking Dean's marriage to Lindsay. Yeah, Rory wasn't always perfect. 

Amy Sherman-Palladino, can Rory's three boyfriends please share a scene together? 

PREVIOUSLY: Break out your leather jackets and paperback copies of Slaughterhouse-Five, because Stars Hollow's bad boy is officially returning for the Netflix revival of "Gilmore Girls." 

Welcome back, Jess Mariano. 

After TVLine broke the news that Rory's college boyfriend, Logan Huntzberger, would make an appearance in the highly anticipated continuation of the beloved WB series, many fans were left wondering (screaming), WHERE'S JESS?!

Rest your vocal chords, because on Wednesday, Netflix confirmed that Milo Ventimiglia is set to reprise his role as the ONLY man who truly understood Rory Gilmore. Yeah, we said it. 

Ventimiglia shared the news on Twitter with a picture of his last name in all caps written across a "Gilmore Girls" script. 

"What a great time to get back on set with some friends. ," he captioned the photo. 

There's no word yet on how many of the four 90-minute episodes Ventimiglia will appear in, but who cares. LOVE IS ALIVE!

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