Junk Food Is A Lifestyle, So Help Invent A 'Gilmore Girls' Ice Cream Flavor

Coffee-flavored ... in an IV.

An ice cream shop in Brooklyn announced a contest on Monday that would make two junk foodies named Lorelai very proud.

In honor of the upcoming Netflix revival, “Gilmore Girls” fans can submit ice cream flavors and names by leaving a comment on Ample Hills Creamery’s Instagram post below from now until Oct. 31. The winner will get a free pint of their ice cream, a cup of coffee and “an invitation to Friday night dinner.”

While the flavor will be available at locations in New York, fans outside of the city will be able to order the winning flavor through the creamery’s website.

The contest was born out of Ample Hills’ love for the show, the shop’s art director Lauren Kaelin told The Huffington Post, adding that a group of managers are currently binge-watching all seven original seasons. It’s not the first time the creamery has combined ice cream with pop culture ― in the past, they created flavors for “Star Wars,” “Breaking Bad” and “The X-Files.”

“We’re always up for a challenge,” Kaelin said. 

Commenters have already made some compelling suggestions, including: “Hors d’oeuvres at Emily’s,” creme-fraiche ice cream with chocolate pearls, “The Incredible Edible Lorelais,” coffee ice cream with cookie dough and Pop Tarts, and “Netflix and Chill(ton),” buttered popcorn ice cream with snowcaps, pretzels and a caramel swirl.

We’d probably go with “Oy with the Strudel, Already,” sweet cream ice cream with a cinnamon strudel swirl. 

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” debuts Friday, Nov. 25 on Netflix.



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