That Time 'Gilmore Girls' Predicted The Future Of Online News

Lorelai Gilmore, you are an utter genius.

"Gilmore Girls" was a groundbreaking show. It was celebrated for its portrayal of a nuanced relationship between a single mother and daughter, was written in a trademark style and has experienced a major resurgence in popularity in the past year, since coming to Netflix

We always knew the show was special, but we didn't realize how extraordinarily prescient it could be at times. In fact, one of its main characters predicted the future of feel-good news (the kind of thing you'd see on Upworthy today) all the way back in 2005. 

In the show's sixth season, Lorelai Gilmore expresses her frustration with all of the bad news being reported in the newspaper, then says she plans to start her own publication that's only for "good" news. 

Sound familiar? It should. Positive-leaning sites like Upworthy, ViralNova and even The Huffington Post's own Good News page have attracted huge followings in the past few years.

Research shows that exposure to inspirational news can significantly improve your mood -- which might explain why these sites have become so popular.

Lorelai's idea was a good one, and it was years ahead of its time. (Upworthy launched in 2012.) And to think we always considered Rory the smart one!