Could A Gilmore Girl Be Heading Down The Aisle In The Revival?

Fingers crossed the wedding date isn't June 3.

It's been two months since Netflix's highly anticipated "Gilmore Girls" revival went into production, and apart from some nostalgic reunion photos, it's been radio silence on set. 

Luckily, one resourceful "Gilmore" fan snapped a potentially game-changing photo at the Warner Brothers prop storage facility Sunday, revealing that a wedding might be in the cards come revival time. The pic features an intricately adorned lamp with a sign taped to the front that indicates there will be a "Wedding" set in the revival. 

It's unclear whose wedding the sign is referring to, but die-hard fans of the WB immediately started theorizing which Stars Hollow resident could be walking down the aisle.

Many hoped that Lorelai, who proposed to Luke in the final moments of the fifth season, could be the bride. Although the couple's very long engagement crumbled the next season, the two reconciled in the series finale, sharing an epic kiss for the ages. 

The other option is, of course, Rory, who will be single and dating when the revival begins. Considering all three of Rory's former boyfriends are set to return and the four seasonally themed episodes take place over a calendar year, Lane might need to start prepping her maid of honor speech.

Logan Huntzberger, Rory's college boyfriend, proposed toward the end of the series, but she famously rejected his ultimatum on graduation day. 

Whatever happens, all we want for our "Gilmore Girls" is a happily ever after. Is that too much to ask? Take it away, Lorelai. 

We reached out to Netflix for a comment and will update the post accordingly.



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