Try Not To Lose Yourself In This Adorable Cat's Gigantic Eyes


Introducing Gimo.

He's causing quite the stir online, thanks to his insanely big eyes:

Gimo is believed to be a Scottish Fold and lives in South Korea. But not much else is known about him.

He first appeared on the 1Room1Cat Instagram account 15 weeks ago. Here's his debut snap. Awwww.

⚫️💦 기인턴이예요~ㅎㅎ #cat #gimo #babygimo #까꿍 #놀랬긤

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Since then, he's featured in dozens of shots -- sometimes alongside what looks like two other cats who also live in the same apartment.

Not surprisingly, people have been going gaga over Gimo's beautiful peepers and funny poses:

But sometimes he just wants to hide away from all the attention:

As he grows up, he's becoming quite the proficient hunter:

But, ultimately, he just loves to kick back with his pals:

zzZ.... #cat #토토상회 #토토시오기모 #zzZ

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Gimo still has a way to go before he's as well known as Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. But, it looks like he's got what it takes. Go Gimo!