Is Gin Or Vodka The Correct Spirit For A Martini? (GREAT DEBATE)

gin vodka martini
We love when food and booze get people really riled up. Food nerds will quite rigorously debate which is the best hot sauce, whose city has the best sandwiches and whether or not ketchup belongs on a hot dog.

But some of the most heated debates we've ever heard surrounding food have been about one of the simplest cocktails in history: the Martini. Vodka or gin? Shaken or stirred? Vermouth? Twist? Olive? We've gone back and forth with friends and foes on this issue so frequently that even our heads have started to spin.

We gathered up a few trusted resources in the spirits department and asked them to state their cases. Will gin's herbaceous complexity win you over? Vodka's clean simplicity? At the end, we should probably all enjoy a Martini together.

Join the debate below and let us know how you feel!

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