Gina Gershon On How 'Showgirls' And 'Bound' Helped Make Her A Gay Icon

As the star of one of the biggest camp classics of all time, Gina Gershon tells Larry King she's proud to be a gay icon.

When King asked Gershon -- who stars as Donatella Versace in Lifetime's forthcoming "House of Versace" -- about her gay following, the actress pointed to the impact "Showgirls" had on endearing her to the community.

"I think gays like me because of 'Showgirls' and because of 'Bound,'" she said. "Those two movies...I dunno, spoke to them and they liked me from there."

Calling her gay fans "extremely loyal," she recalled her experiences working on the "Showgirls" set with director Paul Verhoeven: "I was really obsessed with all of his Dutch films ... so I thought it was going to be so dark and intense. And then I got onto the set and I was like, 'Oh, wow, this is a different.'"

She then added, "I just thought, 'Oh, the drag queens will love me after this show.'" No doubt her turn as Donatella will also inspire a gay homage or two.

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