Gina Rodriguez Chops Off Her Sultry Long Hair For A Good Cause

"It'll take some adjusting [to]. I'll just be a little crazy till the fairy dust settles!"

Say goodbye to Gina Rodriguez’s long luscious hair, because the “Jane The Virgin” star just showed Twitter that she’s all about the “no hair, don’t care” look right now.

But don’t worry, her new haircut will likely benefit a great cause. Rodriguez shared a photo of the hair she chopped off Monday on Twitter. The hashtag the actress used in the caption of the photo hinted she’ll probably donate her hair to the Locks of Love organization, which provides hairpieces for children suffering from long-term medical hair loss.

Rodriguez told People magazine in early April that she planned to make drastic changes to her hair due to a film commitment.

"I'm gonna look different in a month," Rodriguez told PeopleStyle. "I'm cutting all my hair off and dyeing it -- cutting as in a Ruby Rose cut. This is gonna be my first transition in not rocking long hair."

And she certainly kept her promise of looking different in a month, just two days into May and the 31-year-old went from long-flowing hair to a flirty bob.

And while Rodriguez seemed eager to share the new look on Instagram, in the caption she assured her followers "it'll take some adjusting [to]. I'll just be a little crazy till the fairy dust settles!"

We get it, Gina. Change is hard, even for celebrities and fairies.

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