Gina Rodriguez Goes Full 'Fifty Shades Of Jane' On Instagram

Things are about to get interesting on "Jane The Virgin."

Gina Rodriguez just got 50 shades darker, or at least her “Jane The Virgin” character is about to. 

The actress, who portrays Jane Villanueva in the CW series, showed off a darker and more sensual side of her character in an Instagram photo posted Tuesday. Rodriguez donned what seems to be a rhinestone-studded corset, accessorized with a black choker and a long ponytail. 

“Fifty shades of Jane,” Rodriguez wrote in the image’s caption. 

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It’s certainly a different look for the once-virginal character, but one that fans will have to wait to see on screen. The midseason finale of “Jane The Virgin” was Dec. 8 and the show won’t return until Jan. 26.

The Puerto Rican star recently shared that she’d be directing an upcoming episode of “Jane The Virgin.” On Monday, Rodriguez shared a photo of herself via Instagram with the caption: “A director prepares.” 

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On Friday, Rodriguez spoke about what motivated her to direct during an appearance on “The View.”

“As a woman of color, I think that being able to have the opportunity to direct and to be able to direct my show is very exciting,” Rodriguez said. “But I think the idea that I get to go and tell other young ladies that I’m doing it. I’ve seen them now decide to approach their showrunners and want to do it themselves on shows.” 

Rodriguez also revealed she decided to direct after seeing women like Eva Longoria do it, adding that “she is fantastic and has given me such guidance into taking control of the opportunities I have in front of me.”