Gina Rodriguez Gracefully Corrects 'Hater' Who Said Latinos Use Their Heritage For 'Marketing'

Oh, and he also criticized her for not knowing Spanish...

Gina Rodriguez has dealt with her share of online discrimination, and the actress recently proved she isn't afraid to take twitter trolls head on.

The "Jane The Virgin" star first spoke up about the discrimination she's experienced within the Latino community, in August, after an Instagram caption she'd written in Spanish received a slew of criticism over her fluency. Rodriguez, once again, faced scrutiny over her language skills by a Barcelona-based Twitter user, Sergio Garcés, on Monday. 

But the 31-year-old actress was quick to put him in his place. 

The "hater," as Rodriguez called him, even went as far as to say that she and other U.S. Latinos tout their heritage for their own personal gain.  

Rodriguez quickly corrected him in a tweet where she said that her heritage isn't something she can choose to own or disown, adding that, it also isn't something Latinos can use in their favor. 

After Rodriguez schooled Garcés on the Latino experience in the U.S., the exchange ended with him tweeting that he "didn't mean to sound rude" and he hoped Latinos in the U.S. would be "represented as they deserve." But overall the conversation was in line with "interracial Latino racism," a topic that Rodriguez shed light on in August. 

“When did we decide there are certain criteria that make you Latino enough?,” Rodriguez told The Huffington Post. "It’s like anybody turning to you and being ‘You ain’t human enough, you ain’t pretty enough, you ain’t tall enough, you ain’t big enough.’"

"What do you mean I’m not enough?," she added. "No, I am enough. I am fully enough. And you’re enough. And the girl that’s half and half is enough. And the girl that only speaks Spanish is enough. ”

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