Gina Rodriguez Is The Coolest Spanish Teacher You've Never Had

Elmo is well on his way to becoming bilingual, thanks to Gina Rodriguez.

Gina Rodriguez stopped by Sesame Street this week to teach everyone’s favorite red puppet how to say the alphabet en español. ¡Wepa!

Though Elmo admitted to Rodriguez that he didn’t know how to say the alphabet in Spanish, he offered to pick up whatever knowledge the “Jane The Virgin” actress was willing to put down. And boy did he pick it up fast. Rodriguez recited the Spanish alphabet once ― to a dope beat, no less ― after which Elmo joined her for a second round.

Rodriguez, who is Puerto Rican, has repeatedly spoken out against the notion that fluency is necessary to be Latino. And she’s not alone in her beliefs. A recent Pew Research survey, released in February, found that though a majority of Latinos feel it’s important that future generations speak Spanish, many do not believe Spanish is a necessary component of Latino identity.

But knowing your ABCs in Spanish is an increasingly necessary skill to have, just ask Elmo.  



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