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Recipe Of The Day: Ginger Dressing

Yep, you can make this fresh vinaigrette at home.
06/21/2013 12:17am ET

We've got great news for you. You don't have to wait to go out for Asian cuisine to get your fill of your favorite ginger salad dressing. If you're anything like us, this pre-dinner salad often served at Asian restaurants is sometimes your favorite part of the meal. And now, you can eat it anytime you want with this easy-to-make ginger dressing recipe.

The hardest part about making this ginger dressing recipe is peeling the ginger. But if you know the right tricks -- like using a spoon -- that isn't difficult at all. Once you have that covered, you just need to mix and then proceed to pour this dressing on everything you can possibly imagine.

Get the Ginger Vinaigrette recipe

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