Gingerbread Baseball Stadiums: Recreating Koufax's Perfect Game

UPDATE: Rebecca Elias, one of the four siblings who started the ritual, contacted us with photos of the gingerbread assembly process. Leonard Elias, Nathan Elias, and Gabriel Elias are all pictured, in addition to the Bottom Of The Fourth blogger who was invited to participate. As for next year's plans, Rebecca says, "I'm pushing for a Broadway scene of one of Mel Brooks's plays (with his name in lights), but the others want to do a massive Tower of Babel."

Photos by Rebecca Elias.

A creative Jewish family decides to recreate Sandy Koufax's perfect 1965 game against the Chicago Cubs--with gingerbread. A victory for multiculturalists, home bakers, and baseball fans everywhere! Blogger Bottom Of The Fourth was invited to take part in the group's yearly ritual of baking an important moment in Jewish history, and he notes that "over the course of the six-year tradition it's always been something biblical." This time, the family decided to break the mold by constructing Dodger Stadium with gingerbread, icing, gummi bears, and chocolate Santas. Check out his blog to see the journey from sugar to stadium.