11 Next-Level Gingerbread Cookies That Stir Up Tradition

These new takes are simply irresistible.

Gingerbread cookies rarely rank as number one when it comes to the best Christmas cookies. They make the rounds every year because they're part of the holiday tradition, but when faced with competition from beautifully iced sugar cookies and chocolatey peppermint cookies they don't stand a chance -- until now.

We've found some new takes on gingerbread cookies that are making us think this might be the only cookie worth baking this holiday season. From cute new ways to decorate the classic gingerbread men to giving them new shapes and purposes (aside from feeding Santa), we have the gingerbread recipes you need to fall in love with this classic cookie again.

Here are 10 new ways to rethink your gingerbread cookies -- and take them up a notch this season.

Make them personalized.
Love & Olive Oil
Get the Classic Gingerbread Cut-Out Cookies from Love & Olive Oil
Ice them into beautiful Christmas trees.
Skinny Taste
Stick a candy cane on the back and attach them to cups of hot cocoa.
Food, Folks And Fun
Get the Hanging Gingerbread Cookie recipe from Food, Folks And Fun
Get colorful with buttons and bowties.
Cooking Classy
Get the Gingerbread Cookie recipe from Cooking Classy
Sneak them into your next batch of granola.
Half Baked Harvest
Get the Gingerbread Boy Granola recipe from Half Baked Harvest
Bake them into gift tags for an extra special touch.
Erica's Sweet Tooth
Get the Gingerbread Gift Tag recipe from Erica's Sweet Tooth
Turn them into frosted snowmen.
Created By Diane
Get the Snowman Gingerbread Cookie recipe from Created By Diane
Give them a modern twist with a pastel color dip.
Studio DIY
Sneak some chocolate into them.
Modern Wifestyle
Get the Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie recipe from Modern Wifestyle
Turn them into beautiful snowflakes.
Annie's Eats
Get the Gingerbread Cookies recipe from Annie's Eats
Forget the holidays and make them into donuts, cacti and ice cream cones.
Aww, Sam
Because, why not?Get the Gingerbread Cookie recipe from Aww, Sam

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