Giovanni Martinez Bit, Spit Blood, And Threatened To Eat Faces 'Like The Miami Guy,' Cops

Just across the Dade County line, a Naples man reportedly bit and spit blood at hospital staff, threatening to rape their wives and eat their faces off "like that Miami guy."

Giovanni Martinez, 21, was pulled over in routine speeding traffic stop on Saturday when Collier County Sheriff's Office deputies noticed a strong alcohol smell, blood shot eyes, and spilled beer, according to the arrest report.

After failing the sobriety test, Martinez was transferred to Naples jail where he became unconscious.

When he woke up at NCH Downtown Naples hospital, he became "irate and enraged," as noted on the report, and started screaming that he was going to "f*cking kill everyone."

Martinez allegedly sank his teeth into the arm of one nurse and spit the blood into the man's face. He also kicked another hospital employee in the stomach and a deputy in the head.

While lashing out, Martinez was yelling that he was going to rape their wives and eat their faces off "like that guy in Miami."

It's been just over three weeks since Rudy Eugene was shot and killed by Miami Police when he reportedly refused to chewing on the face of victim Ronald Poppo on Memorial Day Weekend.

Although referred to as the Causeway Cannibal and the Miami Zombie, Eugene had not actually swallowed any of Poppo's flesh, according to autopsy reports released last week.

Eugene is suspected to have been high on an amphetamine cocktail known as "bath salts," but there's no indication that Martinez was under the influence of anything but alcohol.

Perhaps the first of Eugene copycats, Martinez was subdued by police after a 20 minute struggle.

He is charged with 3 felony counts of battery and 1 count of DUI. He is being held on $126,000 bond.

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