Giphy Exec Adam Leibsohn Names The Best GIF Ever

Art is subjective, but sometimes good is just good.

On Tuesday, Giphy's Chief Operating Officer Adam Leibsohn gave The Huffington Post his frank and unvarnished opinion of his favorite GIF of all time. Here it is (click for a bigger version):

"Every time I watch it, [I see] something new and ridiculous and entertaining. It is quite possibly the best GIF, I believe, ever made," Leibsohn said.

The animation appears to date back until at least 2013 and is sometimes called "Girls at Skrillex concert," according to WeKnowMemes (NSFW).

We asked what Leibsohn feels really speaks to him about this particular animation.

"They are doing the weirdest things possible. They don't care," Leibsohn told HuffPost. "They're in their own world and they're just going nuts. It's just amazing. I don't know how one thinks to do the things that they're doing."

Giphy is perhaps the most popular GIF search service online. Over 8 million people visit it every month, according to web analytics service Alexa, and it's integrated into major products like Slack and Facebook Messenger.

Giphy was recently valued at $80 million.