GIF Everything This Thanksgiving With Giphy Cam App Update

You can thank us later!

Here's a suggestion to spice up your Thanksgiving: Teach your drunk uncle how to make GIFs with Giphy Cam

The original version of the app, released by the website Giphy in August, lets you create animated images right on your iPhone. This week, Giphy Cam got an update that will make you truly obsessed.

The update's biggest new feature is the ability to import any pictures or videos from your own existing multimedia collection. Before, you had to take a pic via Giphy Cam and immediately turn it into a GIF, but now you can GIF videos and photos that you've shot at any time in the past.

This is a pretty big deal. Say, for example, you see something funny, but you don't have time to make a GIF right in the moment. Now you can take a photo or a video, save it in your camera roll and import it into Giphy Cam later on. This also works for images that you've saved from the web, emails or texts. 

Look, even Apple CEO Tim Cook approves!

The new version of Giphy Cam also allows you to trim imported videos to capture that perfect, most GIF-able moment. In addition, you can now overlay up to two filters on the same GIF, and even add their own captions to their animated creations.   

Download Giphy Cam from the App Store, and get ready to spend your holidays taking ridiculous GIFs of the Thanksgiving spread as it gets destroyed.