'Giraffe Mom' Meets April The Giraffe

Some people think April's calf should be named after "Giraffe Mom's" son.

A human mother who went viral for taking photos of herself wearing a giraffe mask while pregnant finally got to meet the mammal that inspired it all.

On Tuesday, Erin Dietrich, the South Carolina woman who became an internet sensation as “Giraffe Mom,” got a chance to have a meeting of the minds, er, necks, with April the giraffe.

Since February, April’s months-long pregnancy was livestreamed by Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, until she finally gave birth to a male calf on Saturday.

Dietrich gave birth to a boy on March 8, and April was apparently recovered enough from the birth that she was able to meet “Giraffe Mom” up close and personal. on Tuesday. 

Inside Edition arranged the meeting of the viral Internet titans, and Dietrich said she felt chemistry with her giraffe counterpart.

“We’re buddies; we’re companions,” Erin told Inside Edition. “She just doesn’t know it.”

As for April, mum’s the word: She had no comment.

Dietrich brought her newborn son, Porter, to meet the giraffe. He didn’t have much to say, either.

Dietrich’s three other children were disappointed that they weren’t able to meet April and her offspring, but the family will visit Animal Adventure Park again in the summer for a family reunion of sorts.

The connection between April the Giraffe and “Giraffe Mom” could theoretically continue long after their respective Internet glories become just a blip on the computer screen.

Animal Adventure Zoo is asking the public what April’s offspring should be named at

Meanwhile, WBMF News reports there is a petition to name April’s calf after Dietrich’s son Porter, with more than 350 supporters as of early Wednesday afternoon.



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