'Giraffe Mom' Gives Birth Before April The Giraffe, Shares Perfect Baby Photo

“He’s here! He is perfect, healthy and just beautiful."
03/09/2017 12:13pm ET | Updated March 10, 2017

It’s “Giraffe Mom” for the win!

Erin Dietrich, the expecting South Carolina mom who became an internet sensation after spoofing a pregnant giraffe’s baby watch video while wearing a giraffe mask, gave birth on Wednesday, beating her four-legged competition.

“He’s here! He is perfect, healthy and just beautiful,” the Myrtle Beach mom announced on Facebook while sharing a photo of herself breastfeeding her newborn and wearing her now famous mask.

Erin Dietrich
South Carolina mom and Facebook Live star Erin Dietrich welcomed baby number four on Wednesday. She later posed with her now famous giraffe mask.

Dietrich’s most recent Facebook Live video, taken before her son’s birth, showed her in a hospital bed while wearing the giraffe mask. The mom appeared to be in phenomenal spirits as she danced side-to-side with her arms in the air.

As of Thursday morning, that video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times. Her original video, which showed her sitting and walking around her bedroom in anticipation, was viewed more than 30 million times.

The hilarious mom's last Facebook Live video showed her preparing to give birth while wearing the mask inside of a hospital.

As of Thursday morning, the original pregnant giraffe named April, whose live webcam has also drawn millions of viewers, has yet to give birth. Staff at Animal Adventure Park in New York shared in a Facebook post that she’s shown increasing signs of going into labor, however.

“Be patient world ― I think we are all being taught a lesson here!” they said.

The park additionally took a moment to congratulate Dietrich for her exciting news. They jokingly added: “April doesn’t appreciate the extra pressure, but she will get over it!”

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