Greedy Giraffe Steals Ice Cream During Drive-Through Safari

This family knows when they've been licked.

That’s just cold.

A German family cruising through a drive-through safari learned nothing will stop a giraffe craving an ice cream cone.

Torsten Stroebl was driving through the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen last year with his wife, Melanie, and 6-year-old son Dylan Mac. The family had purchased ice cream cones, and were enjoying them while petting some zebras, Stroebl told

The Stroebls’ car windows were down when they slowly passed the apparently hungry giraffe ― and he wasted no time. Instagram video of the encounter went viral after Newsflare published a story about it this week.

As the video above shows, the giraffe pointed its long sticky, tongue straight for the ice cream cone in Melanie Stroebl’s hand. Then it went for Dylan’s.

Newsflare/Torsten Stroebl

Realizing they were licked, the family broke off pieces of cone to feed to the mooching giraffe. Melanie Stroebl continues working on her cone, even after the giraffe’s tongue was all over it.

Finally, the giraffe ambles away, without saying thanks.

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