Watch This Girl Open Her 3D-Printed Arm And Get The World In Her Grasp

"It's amazing and I love the colors!"

We all have our idea of the perfect gift. But, trust us, few could probably compare with the box 8-year-old Isabella is about to open.

This child's luminous joy at receiving a 3D-printed arm with a gripping hand may just stick with you for the rest of the summer -- and beyond.

According to Pixable, Isabella got the prosthetic device from one Stephen Davies (who posted the video) through e-NABLE, a group that develops 3D limbs for those in need. Davies, from Swansea, Wales, traveled to Isabella's Bristol, England, home to deliver the package himself.

Davies, an e-NABLE volunteer who once received an artificial hand from the group and is now a tester and producer with his own 3D printer, wanted to pay it forward, e-NABLE's blog reported. The day was "nectar for the soul," he said.

Isabella was over the moon and quickly began experimenting with her new limb.

It’s amazing and I LOVE the colors!" she told e-NABLE. "I'm going to use it for as many things as I can!”

We don't doubt that for a second, Isabella.

Isabella July 2015

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