A Fantastic Glimpse At The Bond Between A Girl And Her Bulldog

A Fantastic Glimpse At The Bond Between A Girl And Her Bulldog

When photographer Rebecca Leimbach found out she couldn't have any more children, she counted on the family's English Bulldog, Lola, to keep her only-daughter, 4-year-old Harper, company. The BFFs are now inseparable, and lucky for us, Leimbach has the photos to prove it.

Mom explained to The Huffington Post in an email, "One day Harper came out of her playroom with Lola and said 'ta-da' I turned around and Lola was in a tutu, necklaces and a crown. Lola doesn't really seem to mind it, she just goes about her business wearing whatever Harp puts on her. She's very tolerant."

Besides playing dress-up, the pair loves to paint together, dine together, and even bathe together. Leimbach said they get along perfectly. "Except when Lola destroys one of Harper's toys ... then it's a lot of yelling," she wrote.

If only Lola and Harper could get together with Theo and Beau for a game of dress-up, followed by a nap... the Internet might explode.


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(Correction: A previous version of the story indicated that Harper was 7-years-old. She is 4. The text has been updated to reflect the change.)

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