Girl With Bow Hairstyle Barred From School Pictures (VIDEO)

We used to get totally psyched over picture day at school. Then again, we were never banned from our own school photos like this little girl from Kent, England.

Marcella Marino, a four-year-old student, was told she could not participate in her school's picture day because of her Lady Gaga-like hairstyle. Her father, Marcello Marino, a professional hairstylist and salon owner, gave his daughter the playful look because she wanted to look like a "princess," according to the Daily Mail.

But Marino was told that her hair violated the school policy against braided hair and that it would not be permitted for class pictures (or on any other school day, for that matter).

"All the children were told to look smart for the day and that’s why I decided to make a special effort, but in the end it has just caused tears," Marcello told the Daily Mail. "I am so disappointed."

Just seeing the photo of little Marcella gets the point across pretty clearly. "Look how sad she is," commented Dr. Nancy Snyderman on the "Today" show. "I think the school overstepped its bounds." As The Frisky noted, "It’s not like she chose to follow some of Gaga’s other fashion trends, like say, her meat dress, or radical platform heels, after all. It’s a hair bow, people."

We're inclined to agree. Watch the video below and head to to read more -- do you think the school was right to crack down on the fanciful style?

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Lady Gaga's Bow