Girl Catches Thief With Webcam: Hallie Pritchard, 12, Nabs Alleged Burglar On Camera

Tech-Savvy California Tween Nabs Alleged Thief

When a California tween set up a camera to surveil her bedroom, she thought her sisters would be the only small-time crooks passing through. Then she nabbed a burglar with a record.

Footage taken by 12-year-old Hallie Pritchard's webcam during a real estate open house shows a visitor who apparently stepped away from the tour to steal jewelry from the family, NBC Bay Area reports.

"I had it under a bunch of pillows," the girl told MSNBC. "You could see my whole room."

When Pritchard watched the video and saw the intruder, she immediately told her parents. Not long after, authorities identified the suspect as Douglas John Calandrella, a 46-year-old former real estate agent whom police arrested approximately two years ago for a similar scheme.

Police say that during his first offense, Calandrella used keys stolen from lock boxes to pilfer more than 50 items, which he promptly listed on eBay, KSDK reports.

This time around, he's accused of swiping a diamond necklace and bracelet from Pritchard's drawer.

Calandrella, already on probation for the previous burglary, is being held without bail.


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