Girl Looking For Cell Phone Rescued From Train Tracks At Last Second In Terrifying VIDEO

WATCH: Girl Pulled From Tracks Seconds Before Certain Death

Your cell phone or your life? One girl in Brazil almost lost both, according to a shocking cell phone video posted to YouTube last week.

The clip, filmed by a bystander in the the Corinthians-Itaquera Metro station, in São Paulo, Brazil, shows the harrowing, last-second rescue of a girl pulled from the tracks and out of the path of an oncoming train.

Media reports claim the girl had climbed down to the tracks to try to retrieve her phone. A security guard pulled her to safety and she was unharmed, although she appears visibly shaken in the final moments of the video.

The São Paulo Metro is a busy network that includes four lines, with a total of 58 station serving over 4.5 million passengers a day. According to the GlobalPost, it is also the world's most crowded metro system, with the "dubious distinction" of having the most number of riders per kilometer of track.

In January, a woman who fainted and fell onto the train tracks in a subway station in Madrid, Spain was saved in similarly dramatic fashion by an off-duty policeman.

(Hat tip, MSN)

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