Girl Falls Into Sidewalk Sinkhole While Talking On Phone In China, Is Rescued By Taxi Driver (VIDEO)

A young girl unexpectedly fell into a sidewalk sinkhole while talking on the phone in northern China on March 25, according to QMI Agency.

Wang Wei, a taxi driver, witnessed the incident and immediately pulled over to help the girl, the Telegraph reports.

After calling out to the victim and receiving no response, Wang climbed into the hole while holding on to a cable.

"I called out to her but she didn't respond. After I shook her a little, she came to," Wang told the Telegraph.

Emergency personnel eventually arrived at the scene with an extended ladder and pulled Wang and the girl out of the 19-foot hole.

According a report by NBC's "TODAY," the young woman did not notice two caution blocks positioned on either side of the area. Nevertheless, as news anchor Ann Curry pointed out, the zone does not seem to have been properly marked.

The girl's family members later tracked down Wang to thank him for his heroic rescue, CNN reports.

Earlier this month, a woman in Beijing died after a sidewalk collapse sent her plummeting into a pool of scalding water.

Yang Erjing was walking to work when the pavement gave way, most likely due to corroded pipes that were being repaired nearby, China Daily reported.

The 27-year-old died from organ failure after 99 percent of her body was burned.