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This Kid Invented A Special Cup So Her Grandpa With Parkinson's Can Drink Without Spilling

One imaginative little girl observed her grandfather's struggles and was inspired to do something about it.

Lily Born, an 11-year-old from Skokie, Illinois, first thought up the no-spill cup a few years ago when she noticed that her grandfather, who has Parkinson's disease, had trouble drinking from regular cups without spilling.

kangaroo cup

So Lily designed the Kangaroo Cup that's pretty much spill-proof. It has three legs that help stabilize it and make it harder for people to overturn it.

kangaroo cup

With the help of her father, Lily went to China to work on the original ceramic cup design and find a manufacturer. Now, the pair are raising funds to create a more durable plastic version of the cup.

kangaroo cup

"This campaign is not just about bringing a product to production, it is about sending a message to every parent and every kid with an invention (which is just about every kid) that in history's blink of an eye, we suddenly find ourselves living in a world where that dream can be made real," Lily's dad wrote on the product's Kickstarter page.

Check out their Kickstarter page to donate and get more details about the product.

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