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Girl Kicks Teacher In Crotch After Apparent Bullying (VIDEO)

Though it's unclear exactly what this teacher is saying as he yells at a young girl in front of her entire class, his tone, hand gestures and her subsequent response are enough to suggest that it wasn't altogether nice.

The teacher appears to mock the little girl while the class learns English pronouns. ("I" and "You" can be seen written on the chalkboard in the background.) He then pokes her in the head twice.

As The Stir's Kiri Blakeley notes, "She just stands there, quietly mortified, taking all the abuse this dude is dishing out."

When the teacher aims to grab her shoulder, though, the student decides she's had enough and kicks him squarely where it hurts before running away.

Though MSN points out that some YouTube users have questioned the authenticity of the video, the Internet, for the most part, seems to be giving the little girl a virtual round of applause for standing up for herself. As Perez Hilton put it, "We don't condone violence but this dude totally had it coming."

Several disturbing instances of teachers encouraging bullying, or partaking it it themselves, have surfaced in recent months.

In April, the father of a young autistic boy who suspected something was amiss at his son's school put a wire on him and learned that his teachers were being verbally abusive.

In another case, two Texas teachers were suspended for allegedly letting children in their class line up to hit the class bully. The "bully" in this case was 6-years-old.