3-Year-Old Girl Killed After Bounce House Blows Away In China (Graphic Video)

Bounce House Blows Away, Killing 3-Year-Old Girl In China (Graphic Video)

Surveillance video has surfaced showing the heartbreaking moment a little girl is swept away in a bounce house caught in a strong gust of wind, China's official news service, Xinhua News Agency, reported.

In the video, a woman tries to hold down the inflatable castle, but it slips away, taking a 3-year-old girl with it. The girl tumbles headfirst from the structure as it lifts into the air.

The video below contains disturbing footage:

The incident occurred June 4 in Tianyang City in the region of Guangxi, according to the Associated Press.

Officials at Tianyang County hospital said the girl died approximately 40 minutes after arriving in a coma, according to NBC News.

The castle had been operating as an unlicensed business, according to Li Zhongji of the county’s work safety bureau. State media reported that it had been improperly anchored in front of a supermarket.

Last year, two boys in New York were seriously injured after a bounce house that they were in was caught in a gust of wind and lifted 50 feet into the air.

The inflatable castles have been flagged as a hazard to kids even when they stay on the ground. A 2012 study revealed a sharp increase in bounce-house related injuries to children.

The number of children aged 17 and younger who got emergency-room treatment for bounce house injuries has climbed along with the popularity of bounce houses – from fewer than 1,000 in 1995 to nearly 11,000 in 2010. That's a 15-fold increase, and a doubling just since 2008.

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