Girl Makes Unfortunate Spelling Mistake In Father's Day Card (PHOTO)

Your Dad's The Best WHAT?!

Oh, man. This little girl obviously meant to write "cook" in her note to dad, but that doesn't make her unfortunate spelling error any less hilarious.

Posted on Reddit by user "White_Orchid," the photo of the Father's Day card flub quickly racked up a couple hundred hilarious -- and strangely insightful -- responses.


"She must be Swedish," one Redditer wrote, in an effort to make sense of the girl's error. "Because in Swedish, Kock means chef and many swedes usually do the mistake of calling a chef a cock."

Despite the mistake, her Father's Day card is actually pretty cute.

Sometimes things just come out wrong when little kids try to communicate. (Remember when this adorable girl tried to say the word "vacuum?" Eek!) Or sometimes they say everything exactly right, but somehow it's still hilarious.


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