Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bar Commercial Debuts (VIDEO)

We always thought Girl Scout cookies sold themselves, but Nestle isn't taking any chances. The first TV commercial for Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars -- made with the cookie flavors -- hit the broadcast circuit on Monday, AdAge reports.

The spot (watch above) features a delivery man arranging a supermarket display for the bars. He's warned by a Girl Scout to step back, and he barely avoids a stampede of shoppers grabbing the candy bars.

The entire herd is composed of adults, a noteworthy visual cue. Nestle has been catching flack from health advocates who accuse the company of using the Girl Scout brand to market sweets to kids after Nestle promised it wouldn't.

A girl serves as the vehicle for the ad's little joke, but it would be awfully tough for Nestle to have the 100-year-old Girl Scouts of America as a co-brand and not show a Girl Scout, right?

The candy bars feature the traditional Girl Scout cookie favorites thin mints, caramel and coconut (inspired by Samoas), and peanut butter creme (Tagalongs). HuffPost Food taste testers called them "pretty great." They're available through September.

AdAge reported that Nestle Crunch broke from its recent pattern of Internet and print tub-thumping to get the word out faster through television. As if adhering to the Girl Scout pledge, Nestle probably just wanted to "Be Prepared."