Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairings

Wine Pairings For Girl Scout Cookies

It's no secret that Girl Scout cookies aren't just for kids. One could argue that adults actually enjoy these treats more than children -- one's never too old for a sugar rush. To make Girl Scout cookies truly an adult treat, Kris Margerum, Wine Director at Napa Valley’s inn and Michelin-starred restaurant Auberge du Soleil, has provided wine pairings for each cookie.

"Even the simplest sweets can be paired with a fine wine," said Margerum. "I love pairing confections with exquisite vintages. They shape the flavor and take the simple experience of enjoying a cookie to an entirely new level of enjoyment."

Not sure what to drink while you're sneaking yet another Thin Mint? Check out the slideshow below.


Girl Scout Cookie - Wine

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