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Girl Scout Cookies Will Be Sold Online In 2016. Hooray!

Click, click, NOM. 🍪👍

Prepare thy hearts and credit cards: Girl Scout cookie season is here!

Best of all, scouts in a number of chapters nationwide are once again selling their cookies online via a platform called Digital Cookie 2.0.

The site works like traditional door-to-door ordering in that you have to know a Girl Scout to use it. She'll give you a link to her personal website, where you can log on and order whichever flavors you please. While regular cookie orders can take weeks or months to arrive, the online ordering system can get cookies to your door in three to five business days, according to a memo from a Charlotte, North Carolina chapter.

Get ready to drown in Samoas.

The Girl Scouts debuted online ordering last year. Per usual, each chapter begins cookie sales on a different date: Check online to see when your local chapter opens for business and if it offers the online service. If not, you can always purchase at a tantalizing walk-up booth.

We can't wait to order away.

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