Girl Scout Goodness: Baked Samoa Donuts

These donuts were born of my late-night mind wanderings.
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I have fond memories of Girl Scouts. I was a member through elementary school, and cookie season was of course the highlight of the year, right above the summer camp those cookie dollars paid for.

Back then, selling cookies meant having your parents take the order form to work or smiling your way through a sales pitch to the neighbors. When the cookies came, you delivered them, and you were done -- no worries about selling the rest of your boxes in front of the drug store. Of course, as an adult it's hard to resist the temptation of those cheerful boxes.

Cookie season starts earlier and earlier here in Texas, popping up just after you've decided your New Year's resolutions aren't worth all the trouble, and done before spring break begins. When I was a kid we got around the short season by buying cases of cookies and freezing them. These days? I just figure out how to get those flavors in my own kitchen.

These donuts were born of my late-night mind wanderings. You know, that time when you are trying to fall asleep, but instead have approximately one billion of your very best ideas. Usually those are forgotten by the time morning rears its head, but these Baked Samoa Donuts were such a good idea that I immediately picked up the few ingredients I needed.


Samoas, or Caramel Delights, are my mother's favorite Girl Scout cookie. I didn't like them for a long time because as a child I thought coconut was weird, but over the years I warmed up to them and look forward to that yearly cookie box.

While the donut batter is simple, it and the chocolate combined with the homemade butterscotch and toasted coconut make an outstanding and deceptively simple breakfast treat.

This Baked Samoa Donuts recipe uses a donut pan, and if you don't have one, you can turn these into Samoa Muffins instead. Make sure to grease your pan well; I have the best luck with the flour-added kind of spray. I also used turbinado sugar for the donuts, but brown sugar works just fine.

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