Girl Chooses ‘The Nun’ As Her 3rd Birthday Party Theme And People Love It

“Last year the theme had been ‘Frozen,’ so I guess she really went through something since then,” the girl’s cousin told HuffPost.

This is so good, it’s scary.

Lucia Trujillo Brown, a girl from Monterrey, Mexico, who turned 3 on June 3, is a huge fan of the horror movie “The Nun,” her mother, Laura Brown, told HuffPost.

“She has seen it a lot,” her mother told HuffPost in Spanish. “She also loves watching the trailer.”

And just for reference, here’s that trailer:

So, on Tuesday Lucia got her spook on with a theme that honored her favorite flick.

Laura Brown

Even young guests who attended the party got in on the theme.

Her mother filled in HuffPost on how Lucia became the tiniest fan of “The Nun.”

“One time my daughter was staying with her paternal grandmother. They were going to watch a movie and asked her what she wanted to watch,” Brown explained. “They saw various movie posters on TV and she chose ‘The Nun.’ Even though they told her that it wasn’t a cartoon, she insisted.”

Brown said Lucia’s grandmother thought the movie would terrify the girl, and asked her throughout the movie if they should turn it off, but Lucia totally dug it.

Laura Brown

“She watched it until the end and was never scared! After this, she became a fan,” her mom said.

However, this wasn’t the only party Lucia got for her third birthday.

When little Lucia’s birthday came around, Brown had asked her daughter what kind of party theme she wanted and Lucia had said she wanted “The Nun.” Brown ignored the request, figuring her daughter “would have forgotten” it, and she threw Lucia a more formal birthday party, without that theme.

But it seems like Lucia was still expecting “The Nun.”

“After the formal party, she began to ask me when I would buy the nun’s cake [and] if I already had,” Brown said. “So finally I was convinced, and I was able to prepare it in just four days.”

Laura Brown

Brown said Lucia got “very into her character” and that the whole thing “made us all laugh.”

After the party, Brown posted a few photos to Facebook and Twitter, and Lucia’s cousin, Andrea Villarreal, who lives in San Antonio, Texas, saw them, thought they were hilarious and shared them on Twitter.

The post quickly went viral and people absolutely adored Lucia.

Someone even made her fan art, and Brown said Lucia “loved it.”

Villarreal told HuffPost that this year’s theme starkly contrasted with the focus of Lucia’s second birthday party.

“Last year the theme had been ‘Frozen,’ so I guess she really went through something since then,” Villarreal said.

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