Doctors Confirm Baby Didn't 'Wake Up' At Funeral In Philippines (UPDATE)

UPDATE: July 15 -- ABS-CBN now reports that the mother says she was misled by a 'quack doctor' that the baby was still alive after the child purportedly moved during the funeral service.

After the baby was taken out of her casket, the family brought her to a hospital where doctors confirmed she had no pulse and was dead.

Original story below:

A 3-year-old girl who was previously pronounced medically dead awoke at her funeral in Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, in the Philippines on Sunday.

Aurora Police Senior Inspector Heidil Teelan confirmed the incident to the The Philippine Star.

The girl, whose name has not been released, apparently suffered through several days of high fever before she was brought to a local medical clinic where a physician pronounced her dead.

Then, at the funeral, an attendee removed the "cover of the coffin to arrange the supposed remains saw the head of the girl move," according to the paper.

If you think you've read this story before, you have not. But people waking up at their funerals does occasionally happen.

Here are seven examples of the phenomenon as compiled by The Week.

In 2011, the shock of waking up at her own funeral actually helped cause a Russian woman's death, according to Fox News.