Young Girl Mistakes Water Heater For A Robot And It's Adorable

"I wuv you wobot."

It’s an age-old story: Girl meets water heater, thinks it’s a robot and falls in love.

Actually, it’s not that age-old ― it’s the basic plot of a YouTube video called, “Rayna meets a ‘robot’” that is surely going viral as you read this.

In the video, a toddler sees a discarded water heater on the street, and gives it a friendly, “Hi wobot!”

You can see how she might get that idea. A panel on the top does kind of look like eyes, and the tank is about the right size for a girl to try to hug.

Rayna repeatedly says, “Hi wobot!” but ― spoiler alert ― the robot doesn’t respond (maybe, it’s shy).

She doesn’t let the water heater’s personality stop her from making friends. No, she walks up, gives it a hug and says, “I wuv you wobot!” twice.

Darn, it sure got dusty in here.

(h/t: The Verge)

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