How To Become Famous On YouTube, According To 'Girl With No Job' Star Claudia Oshry

How To Become Famous On YouTube, Even If You Can't Sing Or Do Makeup

When it comes to finding funny content on Instagram, there's no shortage of options. It's impressive then, to say the least, when a user reaches "Insta-celebrity" status. Claudia Oshry's blog and accompanying Instagram account, "Girl With No Job," is one of those rare examples.

Claudia Oshry, left, with her sister Jackie

Oshry, who writes and posts predominantly about pop culture, asks the hard-hitting questions on her blog -- "I’m getting confused 'cause do diets end? Don’t you just gain the weight back? Like how do you get off a diet?" -- while promoting other users by sharing their content, too. "It's a delicate balance of giving people what they want, but also pushing my personal agenda," she says.

It's that sense of humor and keen awareness of what works on social media that has made Oshry so successful. With 685,000 Instagram followers and counting, she's turned her distaste for a career into exactly that.

We chatted with the social media star about how to make it as a blogger, what readers shouldn't do on her page and more.

On how "Girl With No Job" started:

Girl With No Job started as Girl With A Job, actually. When I was a freshman at NYU I got a fashion internship, which is the antithesis of me. I was running around doing PR stuff, putting clothes together... I was miserable. I would write my mom emails after work every day. She was like, "You have to start a blog."

And on why it was almost short-lived:

I used to write really mean, offensive things about the people that I worked with because it was such an easy to way to vent -- nobody read it. I was promoting my blog and Facebook and all these people at work started to friend me and I had to delete it. I was giving them all really mean nicknames and I knew if they read it they would 100 percent know who they were.

On the "five" words that describe her aesthetic:

Obnoxious, relatable, feminine-driven, outrageous and don't-take-anything-too-seriously-on-my-page-or-I'll-have-to-block-you.

On the inspiration for her hilarious "fakeup" tutorials:

I was thinking about how people get famous on YouTube. That girl Michelle Phan is on a billboard, like, are you joking? I need to become one of these girls. I only really know two ways of becoming super famous on YouTube: the Justin Bieber route of being a professional singer, which I hardly am, and then makeup tutorials. These girls get insane views. So I decided to just start parodying these tutorials.

Some of them actually work. I was totally joking when I did the contour, but for one second my cheekbones were so sharp, it was crazy. Obviously I'm not expecting anyone to go out with their eyebrows drawn in like that, but come on, makeup is so serious. When did makeup become an art form? I'm not into that.

On how to make it as a blogger:

Don't let people bother you, because it's so easy to let them. I will never forget the first mean comment I got on my blog, because it still shatters my core. I was so upset. My family said, "If you're going to try and become an influencer, you need to grow a thicker skin," but it's so much easier said than done. You have to just keep going and persevere.. eventually you will find people who care about what you're writing. All the work is worth the reward.

To see more from Girl With No Job, check out her blog and Instagram.

Disclosure: Claudia Oshry is a former intern of The Huffington Post, and her sister is a current employee.

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