#GirlIGuessImWithHer Is The Ambivalent Hashtag This Election Needed

The struggle is so real.

America is conflicted.

Hillary Clinton became the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee for the presidency on Tuesday. And while many people would rather vote for her than for presumptive Republican nominee and apoplectic Cheeto Donald Trump, they have mixed feelings about the former secretary of state all the same.

The hashtag, which Twitter user @MADBLACKTHOT created in the wake of Clinton's primary wins this week, is a despondent twist on the popular #ImWithHer tag that people have been using to signal their support for the candidate. There are a lot of Americans who aren't enamored of Clinton but don't want a racist xenophobe for a president, so they're reluctantly voting for a Democrat they don't totally support. It's the social media equivalent of a loud sigh and a tired shrug.

We've collected some of our favorite uses of the hashtag for your viewing pleasure:

 May the odds be ever in our favor this November.




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