Disneyland Birthday Surprise: Adorable 6-Year-Old Little Girl's Reaction (VIDEO)

WATCH: Girl's HILARIOUS Reaction To Disneyland Surprise

Let's cut to the chase: Birthdays are awesome when you're a kid. And, we're guessing this little girl isn't going to forget her 6th birthday and the special gift that came with it.

Lily was excited to receive her gift bag a week early. She was overjoyed about her new DVDs, her pajamas, and, yes, even a box of cereal. Her delight at seeing those items pales in comparison to her reaction to the news she's about to receive though.

Watch the video and her response (starting at 1:55) when her mother tells her where's she's going. Homegirl gives the kids in those Disney commercials a run for their money. We can only hope she wasn't paid to do this.


(Found via VideoGum)

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