Girls Are Changing The World!

Changing the world? Really?

Yes! Really! Girls are agents of their own change. But not only for themselves; they change communities. And when those communities change, the world will change.

The International Day of the Girl is important. This is not another cause to celebrate for one day. Instead it is to recognize the need for investing in girls and raising their voices around the world. We need, grassroots movements, resources and political will to make this change a reality. This year's theme is innovation for girls' education. Education is one of the cornerstones to ensuring that girls are free to live to their full potential.

When we guarantee all children have access to a full primary education, and ensure girls have the ability to complete their schooling we not only enhance the rights of girls, we see a healthier, wealthier and more sustainable society. To ensure girls' access to (and completion of) primary and secondary schooling, we need to address the issues of child marriage, teenage pregnancy, water, sanitation and hygiene, trafficking and other barriers. Check out the Girls' Globe infographic on girls' rights to education.

When girls are educated, their risk of being married off as children decreases, which reduces early first pregnancy, the leading cause of death for girls age 15-19 in developing regions. When mothers are adults and not children themselves, they have the ability to care for and nurture their children, decreasing child mortality and malnutrition. When girls are educated they become empowered to know their rights, build skills and gain employment, which provides for their families and contributes to the development of their community.

World leaders need to recognize the needs of girls. Beyond needs fulfillment, they must truly listen to girls' voices. Girls know what they need and girls have the right to express these needs. It is not until world leaders stop talking and start listening that we will see real change occur. That's why we love the Girl Declaration, a new set of goals created for girls, by girls.

At Girls' Globe we want to highlight the power of girls and women around the world and the positive change that is being made. We are a growing global network of bloggers and organizations that are strengthening the rights, health and empowerment of women and girls. We are raising the voices of the frontline workers, activists and young women and girls who are passionate leaders of change. There are so many grassroots movements, activists and organizations that are already changing the world. We want to bring them together and create an impact that is visible globally.

We live in a time where we have the ability to achieve a high level of global connectedness that has never been possible before. This opportunity has the potential to seriously impact the lives of women and girls around the world. We are creating a community that accelerates change and pushes for action!

We are girls who are changing the world!