Girls Can't Support Other Girls?!

Why should girls support other girls?

You don't bring sand to the beach right??? Isn't that what people have been saying for years? Why help other women and girls who aren't helping me?!?!

There's this idea that people shouldn't really help each other in business. Especially in the female community. However, this is a false concept.

The reality of things is that more people means more influence. How do you think we got maternity leave in the U.S.? You know it wasn't from the big business men in charge. It was women banning together for a common cause.

Arianna Huffington, yes of the Huffington Post, is woman who shares our ideals. She supports both sexes by giving them a platform where their voices can be heard.

When asked about women supporting women in the work place she had this advice to offer.

Arianna was quoted saying "that women have to lead the way in changing how workplaces are structured. This shouldn’t be done by “outdoing” men in terms of success, yet should be accomplished by taking time to “lean back” and be ourselves in order to advance. Getting enough sleep, taking care of oneself and listening to your intuition can help women find their own voice to empower themselves and others in the workplace."

So please bring some sand to my beach by empowering the business women, artists, activist, and politicians to do great in their industries. The more support the better.

So let’s start supporting girls this weekend. There is an event ‘FemaleCentric’ presented by Unicorn Empress & Stereotype Co featuring 30+ female movers and shakers in the industries of art, music, film, literature. The event takes place this Saturday in Staten Island at HUB 17. View the event on TIMEOUT New York and RSVP online at

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