'Girls' Episode Features A Fictional App That Forbids You From Calling Your Ex

The Fictional App On 'Girls' We'dUse

If breaking up is hard to do, not texting or calling your ex after your split is really hard to do.

That's why we shouted "why didn't we think of that?" during Sunday's episode of "Girls," after hearing about the brilliant app Marnie's ex-boyfriend, Charlie, had created. The breakup-inspired app, called "Forbid," prevents users from calling their ex by charging them $10 if they cave in.

Pretty clever, right? Just think of all the regrettable 2 a.m. calls you could have saved yourself from making if this thing existed in real life!

We want to know: would you download an app like "Forbid"? Click though the slideshow below to see what some of our readers had to say, then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments!

Would You Use An App Like 'Forbid'?

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