Girls Hollaback At Harassment With Mobile App

Catcalling is a deceptively gentle term. This "harmless" male activity can quickly turn from merely uncomfortable to an aggressive violation.

Emily May, a Brooklyn native, reveals to New York's Pix11 that one such encounter inspired her to take action to combat sexual violation with technology.

Now, thanks to May, women across the country have a new tool against predators: the mobile app called Hollaback!

Pix11 reports that, thanks to this new app, women can anonymously post and map their stories online in solidarity with other victims of degrading street harassment.


Help Hollaback! reach its goal of raising $25,000 by November 19, so that it can expand its domain to cities worldwide. Hollaback! suggests supporters can also get involved by guest blogging or launching a Hollaback! watch group in their neighborhood.

Similar sites include Stop Street Harassment!, which provides statistics, articles and advice for women -- as well as men -- helping to clarify what actions aren't appropriate.

Girls Fight Back, which promotes "safety, self-defense and personal security" for women, provides informational programs for teens, college students and employees on how people can best equip themselves against unwarranted threats and advances.

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