For Girls , Premiering "You're So American" (Audio)

This isn't really television. Girls has more in common with Portnoy's Complaint or Annie Hall than it does with Sex in the City. It impugns its protagonists. (Roth's first rule of writing, in fact.) It portrays that which is taboo without turning it into fantasy. It simply presents private moments in ways not unlike how they actually happen: uncomfortably.

And it's goddamn funny. Like, laugh out loud, sputtering funny.

So I wrote this song after watching a 6-episode marathon of the show. It's not an homage and it's not a theme song or something. It's just how I felt after spending time with those characters. Which is all that means. Maybe that makes it more subjective but I guess that's the point.

Or maybe I just want to move back to New York City. Good stories always make you want to move somewhere.

I don't see a generational statement and I don't see a feminist treatise (or its opposite) and I also don't see spoiled white kids thoughtlessly running around the city while their parents work. I see a fresh and powerful voice (Ms. Dunham), complex and fascinating characters (Adam, Shoshanna) and a story that reminds me of what all really good stories do: how you secretly know you're both terrible and wonderful in ways that nobody else does.

I recommend headphones.