Powerful #GirlsWithToys Campaign Proves Once And For All That Women Have A Place In STEM

Here's yet another reminder that women totally kick ass in any field they want.

Shrinivas Kulkarni, astronomy and planetary science professor at the California Institute of Technology, was featured in an interview with NPR on Saturday. While speaking on astronomers, the professor said, "many scientists ... are what I call 'boys with toys.' I really like playing around with telescopes. It's just not fashionable to admit it."

The comment, which failed to acknowledge his female counterparts in the field, didn't go unnoticed. Women took to the Internet to remind Kulkarni that "boys" aren't the only ones in STEM. Using the #girlswithtoys hashtag, female scientists and engineers shared pictures of themselves or others with tools and equipment.

Some posed next to rovers, while others took selfies with their lab equipment. A few were pictured next to some "toys" that were a little beyond our understanding.

The #girlswithtoys campaign is stunning, powerful and will make you want to bust out the Bunsen burner.

Scroll below to see #girlswithtoys tweets.

Main photo credit: Tanya Harrison.

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