Gisele Banco Do Brasil Commercial Is Making Us Dizzy (VIDEO)

WATCH: Gisele Flies For Banco Do Brasil

As if Gisele needed more gigs to pad her resume, the Brazilian model has signed on as the face of Banco do Brasil.

What's Banco do Brasil, you ask? That's precisely the point. The Gisele ad campaign is the bank's first foray into marketing outside Brazil, with the commercial running in the United States on CNBC, Bloomberg and CNN (where we saw it) as well as on channels in all European countries.

Which means that if you didn't know what Banco do Brasil was before, now you will. "[Gisele]’s currently a major Brazilian icon, probably the most hyped these days, and that’s how we want people to see Banco do Brasil," said the campaign's creative director, Saulo Angelo, to Meio e Mensagem.

Which is probably why two-thirds of the commercial are simply a promo for Gisele, praising her for not just being slim but also having curves, as well as her work on behalf of water conservation.

The flying towards the end is a bit dizzying, but overall the ad's not half bad. At least it's not as awkward as Miranda Kerr's Japanese iced tea commercial. That was just silly.


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