Gisele Bundchen Visits Teen Battling Cancer To Share Makeup Tips (PHOTOS)

Not every 15-year-old aspiring makeup artist gets a personal visit from Gisele Bundchen, but Karina Xavier got just that this week.

The Brazilian teen, who's currently battling bone cancer, was surprised by the supermodel on Thursday at her house, where the two swapped makeup tips and ate pão de queijo (naturally). Through her blog, Chic By Karina, Xavier posts makeup and DIY tutorials, so it makes sense Bundchen would let Xavier do her makeup during the visit.

"From the moment you surprised me, until the moment you left, I was so shocked for you being here with me," Xavier captioned one of her Instagram photos of the event. "You are a great person and you will continue inspiring me."

Fortunately, the model seemed just as smitten. "You are warrior, an inspiration of positivity and courage," Gisele wrote on her own Instagram. "I will be praying for you. Sending you love and light always."

Click over to Xavier's blog to get all of the teen's tips -- including how to get Kylie Jenner's makeup and how to make DIY American flag shorts -- and check out her awesome day with Bundchen below.

This is how we normally see Gisele:

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