Gisele Pregnant Again? Supermodel Is Expecting Her Second Child, Rumors Say

Is Gisele Bundchen modeling for two?

Rumors are starting to percolate around the Internet that Gisele is pregnant with her second child. (The Brazilian supermodel, who's married to football player Tom Brady, gave birth to their son Benjamin in 2009.)

Obviously, "rumors on the Internet" are not exactly a reliable source, so while we'd pretty much love if Gisele were preggo again, we're taking the gossip with a huge grain of salt.

How did the baby rumors get started? Apparently, some assistants who helped Gisele change outfits at a modeling event noticed unspecified changes to her figure. Another rumor flew that the model had shared the news personally with her close friend Riccardo Tisci, who designs for Givenchy, as well as her family.

So, if (if!) this is all true and Gisele is preggo, we can probably expect a baby sometime in the winter. Epoca heard a rumor that the supermodel was two months pregnant when we saw her at the 2012 Met Gala, and that she was only waiting until she was in her third month along to announce the news.

Even though the Gisele baby bump watch is still in its nascent stages, we're kind of hoping she gets to have a daughter soon. If her adorable clothing designer niece is any indication, that'll be one adorable little girl.

But alas, Gisele still hasn't made any kind of announcement, nor debuted any sot of baby bump anywhere. Brazil's Epoca newspaper reports that Bundchen's assistant wouldn't confirm or deny any news. We couldn't help but notice that Gisele's reps also refused to confirm or deny initial reports when news of her first pregnancy started floating. And we all know how that ended.

We've reached out to Gisele's publicist and we'll let you know when we hear back.

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